Explore our deep and vital connection with plants

At the moment the live sessions are on hold – please sign up for our email list for notification of rescheduled sessions.

Christopher Hedley’s Welcome & Introduction to the Course

I dedicate these sessions to the plant spirits, to the faeries themselves.  

I thank the faeries for enabling this course.  

I thank everyone that takes part in it.  

I thank Passing Clouds for being here and for their generous spirit

Our aims in these sessions are:

  • to take a step towards rebuilding our relationship with the plants and, through them, with the earth itself
  • to take a step towards understanding our relationship with our bodies and through that to claim true health for ourselves

As within so without; we will look at our place in the ecology around us and at the ecology within our bodies – and how to care for each.

Humanity is following a destructive path, destroying the earth and destroying ourselves. Only we ourselves, each and everyone of us, can help our species find a true path, a path with heart. Governments can’t do it, business can’t do it, charities and pressure groups can’t do it. True change comes from within.

At each session we will study a local, seasonal plant in detail, using the tea tasting technique developed by my partner and colleague Non Shaw, and study an aspect of our internal ecology guided by Nicole.

clivers infusionThere will be homework.  Homework is compulsory. We only learn by doing.

Everyone who attends is expected to extend their relationship with the plant of the month by making something with it.

You could make food, drink, medicine, artwork, songs, dances…. anything that the plant suggests to you. If you don’t know what to do go out and have a short chat with it – it will tell you!

Bring what you have made to the next session for people to share.  Remember to add a note with your name and recipe.

Everything we learn will be shared on this website.  Thank you for taking part in this community learning and sharing.

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